KampaignAI for your Business

Target New Customers & Explore New Markets w/ Micro Campaigns

KampaignAI is pioneering the use of highly targeted, fast- acting mini campaigns designed to test your hypothesis quickly. You provide the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), Pain Points, Value Proposition, and we generate conversations and reports for you. In a matter of days!

No Budget For Headcount/Tools for New Initiatives

Ideally, you could just hire new talent and buy 5-10 tools to source contact lists, plan campaigns, create copies, write calling scripts, produce videos, write blog articles, set up landing pages. But wait... that would require funds which we don't have the approval for because we must prove our hypothesis first. If this isn't Catch22, then what is!

Conventional Lead Gen & Marketing Agencies Not Cutting It

If you have tried these, they have told you patience is a virtue :) You must pay them, let them set up the campaigns, and wait 3-6 months. They will share reports with you and set up 3-5 meetings per month. Except that..meetings never close! This is because people deep down know that no one can guarantee meetings for YOUR business. You must use YOUR insights to create new outreach campaigns and run them at scale. Only way to build business is to have customer conversations. Tons and Tons of them so you can qualify or disqualify your prospects for that segment.